Friday, November 07, 2008

Take $20 Of Mystery Shopping Earnings And Reinvest It In Your Knowledge

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Attention to all my loyal, open-minded mystery shoppers who want to earn more money than they do from mystery shopping or merchandising alone. As you should know by now if you regularly follow me, I am a big fan of having several self-employed efforts to create your ideal flexible lifestyle, or to add onto your day job to reach your dreams. Mystery shopping is but one way.

My biggest passion right now is teaching people to make money from what they know through infopreneuring. It's the topic of my free weekly podcast What You Know Is Worth More Than You Know(TM) and here's a great way to take just $20 of your mystery shopping earnings and get the essentials you need to start creating your own high profit teleseminars.

All you need is a phone, your voice and some know how which you can get on an information-packed Teleseminar Secrets preview call with my teleseminar mentor on December 4th.

Honestly, his full 8-module course Teleseminar Secrets is beyond your budget, but my teleseminar mentor always over delivers in everything he does, and I know that the $20 investment (you save $79 off the regular $99 price with the special priority code on the page from this link through me) in this preview call that will teach you all the basics on getting started in teleseminars.

Teleseminars can make you $50 to thousands of dollars per participant depending on the length, topic and your skill level once you get a following (and one of my podcast episodes just discussed 4 No Cost Ways To Do Marketing). Not a bad investment for $20 (or basically one mystery shopping job).

Go register for the Teleseminar Secrets preview call now. Do it today for yourself and your loved ones!

Taking the mystery out of professional mystery shopping--Melanie Jordan

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