Friday, May 02, 2008

Spotting A Mystery Shopping Scam

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I got an e-mail about mystery shopping/saw a classified ad in my newspaper for mystery shopping/heard about site/heard about company (fill in the blank______________). Is it a scam?

Answer From Coach Melanie:

While the field of mystery shopping is definitely not a scam. Like many work-at-home jobs, mystery shopping has its share of scammers. First, consider the source. Did you send an e-mail requesting information about mystery shopping, or did it just show up in your e-mail inbox one day along with the bogus lose 23 pounds overnight, get a 2% mortgage (and you don’t even own a home) and ways to enlarge various parts of your anatomy? Or was it a response to a request you made for further information?

Is the classified ad from a legitimate mystery shopping company offering an opportunity for assignments it handles, or is it someone who wants money or more information from you (like a W-2 or bank account information that has nothing to do with applying to be a mystery shopper?

Pleas read my articles on this topic called “Shopper Round-Up: Your Feedback On The Mystery Shopping Scam Issue + How To Tell Who’s Likely Legit And Who’s Not”. It’s found on my web site at

Have a great day and happy shopping!

Taking the mystery out of professional mystery shopping--Melanie Jordan

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