Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mystery Shopper Coach's Corner Is Back!

Hi All,

A funny thing happened. I had this mystery shopping blog and then I got busy and hadn't posted for awhile--yikes...a lot longer than I thought. So long that Google changed its log in mechanism and I couldn't log in!

I tried to get through to Blogger tech support and no luck. Can you imagine being locked out of your own blog? Finally today as I went through some papers as I was packing to move, I found scribbled my old log-in which allowed me to reclaim my blog--yay!

So I'm back, and I have many more endeavors going on now, but I'll do my best to provide some fresh mystery shopping material from time to time. Perhaps a few of you will also want to branch out with me into new directions. Mystery shopping is cool, but there are so many other ways to make a buck. In fact, lots of bucks legitimately on your own terms, so I hope that will also be of interest to you.

I am working with a few clients on Infopreneuring and Marketing, and when needed ghost writing, their own Info Products, more on this can be found at my in-process site

In fact, one client is about to release a down-to-earth course on investing in foreclosures--a hot topic today to be sure, but he does it with a heart and conscience. I ghost wrote it for him, and I even learned things I didn't know--such as the fact that it is trulypossible to get into foreclosure investing with no money using a special technique he teaches and actually recommends for newbies.

This may very well be the new ultimate work-at-home job! If you would like to get on the list to be notified when the foreclosures course is available in the next couple of weeks, check out

I am working on my own books and courses offering my unique take on Infopreneuring and Marketing based on 20+ years of marketing experience and nearly a decade of Infopreneuring--I'll let you all know when they are ready--should be this Spring.

Lastly, I have another blog that is truly a passion for me--The Healthy Food Review at It's a fun blog with lots of honest and amusing good and bad reviews of healthy food products, commentary, fitness tips, etc. Check it out!

Be back shortly with th next mystery shopping pos. I just figured I should catch you all up on what I've been up to during my absence :)

Have a great day and happy shopping! Taking the mystery out of professional mystery shopping--Melanie Jordan

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Vegas Inside Scoop at

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